Sore back and shoulders

Let’s see, I remembered one more picture than yesterday… 



Lunch was French onion Sun Chips and an almond butter and jelly sandwich. 

Snack after work was a Luna bar (sorry its blurry, was trying to take it with my left hand)


Went to Centergy! It was finally a new routine! And then ran two miles with a minute break halfway through to drink water. (I also walked to work)

Dinner took advantage of Arby’s Wednesday freebies:


Regular roast beef sandwich with one packet Arby’s sauce, all just with the purchase of a soft drink (diet Dr Pepper)

And half a bag of Great Value corn


Ugh, I think I let myself get too dehydrated, (though I drank my whole water bottle) because I don’t feel so good anymore. And I probably ate too fast. Hopefully The Bourne Identity won’t last too long.


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