Feeling accomplished

You know, I’m just not sure that I can get behind this natural nut butter thing. Maybe if I can find a very small jar or no salt added natural peanut butter I’ll give it another try, but until then I’ll use up the almond butter and toss the salty peanut butter and call it a valiant effort. 

Lunch was an almond butter and jelly sandwich


Snacks consisted of grapes


I got home and munched on those candied cranberries 


I then pulled a couple of ticks off the dogs (yuck) which actually didn’t appear to have been feeding, so maybe the Frontline did help to some extent. And then they got a flea/tick bath incase I missed any. Washed their blankets in the hottest water the washer could manage and made dinner…

Annie’s shells in white cheddar with Green Giant frozen broccoli.  Split in half.


No milk in the apartment, so I took the boxes suggesting and mixed the powder with low fat yogurt instead. Not bad, but basically just tasted like pasta and brocc in sour cream. 

Then got the dishes done, and I’m going to watch some more One Tree Hill while I finish a glass of wine and let the queen size comforter hang in the steamy 91 degree air till sundown in the hopes that it will dry. 

Contemplating eating this for dessert… Not really craving it, but it has no added sugar and only 45 calories… We’ll see how things go.



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