For yesterday

Of course just as soon as I tell my mom that I’m back to daily blogging I forget to. Oh well.

Breakfast (which I also just had a repeat of, yumyum)


snacks and lunch were exactly as the previous day. Finally ate the Luna bar pictured earlier this week, as well as a 2.5 serving bag of Cheddar Harvest Sunchips (I wanted a salad but they were sold out. I should have saved the money but oh well).

Dinner was finally that salad (wish I had paid more attention to the lettuce involved)


Random lettuce mix, raspberry vinaigrette, and TJ’s organic dried cranberries, which are only 20x sweeter than either Craisin or Ocean Spray. 

And what I like to all the lazy man’s chicken parmesian:


A mix of white and whole wheat pasta (because the white needs to be eaten sometime), Publix garden style salsa (on sale for a penny a few weeks ago), Publix Italian mix cheese, and Banquet chicken nuggets. Which I am now craving again. 

I did in fact wear my Garmin on my walk to work yesterday and was pleased to find that it is a slightly longer walk than I expected (1.18 mi) but only burn a disappointingly low 75 calories (don’t know what I was expecting there, but I’m carrying a laptop on my back, come on!). 

I shoulda (maybe) gotten up to run this morning, but I’m still groggy and I do have a paper I have to write today. Bleh. 

I just ate breakfast, but I’m definitely wanting lunch already.


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