Birthday week continues!

Breakfast: Greek yogurt and Go Lean Crunch…


I wasn’t the best blogger today and neglected to take pictures of my lunch and snacks. Here’s a hint though… scroll down to yesterday’s post and I bet they look the same. This morning was a little stressful and I’m surprised I even managed to remember to grab the leftover pasta out of the fridge to take for lunch!


Dinner was leftovers from last night (Near East pilaf, black beans, frozen veggies) plus some sauteed mushrooms.

And my last birthday present came!!!! This baby will come in soooooo handy while training for the half marathon!


Yeah, its a little on the large side… And yeah, this was taken before I even plugged it in to charge… I’m just so excited! It’s charging now and I completely plan to put the interval program to the test tomorrow (if its not raining). I didn’t even know it could do something like that. So cool! There was lots of squeeling after the UPS guy left. 🙂

And now its cake time and back to reading about Machiavelli’s advice to princes. Thanks mom and dad!

Add: There’s a Chobani Greek yogurt giveaway I’d love to win here!


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