And we’re back!

My computer’s back up and running! It’s so exciting, except for having to set it all back up again. Thanks mommy!

I got my first blog shout-out today! I can’t even say how excited I was (which makes me feel kinda lame). Thanks Caitlin! Pigeon pose is heaven 🙂

Alrighty, we’re starting with dinner this time around: 


spaghetti with various marinaras and mushrooms sauteed by the husband


And left over birthday cake (heaven) with coffee. 



My mom got it from Southern Sweets Bakery in Decatur and it has the subtlest hint of raspberry… It really is amazing. 

I got new running shoes! I haven’t gotten around to take pictures of them yet, but I will soon, and Alex and I made it through another 3o minute run yesterday. This month is going to be really tough training-wise. I’m taking a short session summer class which means I get to work at 7, have class from 9:15-11:30, no lunch break, don’t leave work till 5:30 and then have 100+ pages of reading to do for homework every. single. night. (thus the coffee at 8:30 at night) So once I get caught up, hopefully I can get ahead and be able to fit in more runs during the week. Wish me luck. Gotta get back to it now, I’m on page 41 of 115 and it really should be my bedtime right now!


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