New header!

My precious running shoes that I will be hard pressed to replace. Love those girls. The colors make me so happy, I doubt I’ll be able to find more that make me quite so excited to put them on.

Had a run without a buddy today. I felt it and that’s definitely because I run faster without her. She hasn’t been doing it as recently as I have so I slow it down (plus I have longer legs) but today I hit the place we stopped Monday a good 50 seconds earlier and then had to keep going! It was great but man was I winded afterward.

There will be more computer work done this weekend so hopefully we can get up and running again. I’m so excited that tomorrow is Friday for me! On actual Friday my baby brother is graduating high school so I’m taking the day off, of course! It means getting up and getting on the road by 6:30 to try to avoid rush hour traffic into Atlanta, but I get all of Friday and all of Saturday there! I should call Lili…

Husband put my photo software on his computer so that he could load pictures to post on Craig’s List so here’s what you’ve missed (and it ain’t much)


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