A walk in the park

Well yesterday left me fairly pictureless but lets just say most meals were pretty standard. Dinner I finally go to try some Amy’s Indian frozen dinner. Tasty. Chris was brought out from Lawrenceville minus the girlfriend plus the wii. I got to play with the wii fit some and it was okay. I guess more stuff gets “unlocked” the more you do. If he actually ends up living with us I’ll have some fun seeing what it says about my alignement in more than just half moon, warrior and tree.

The wii was used largely to play trivial pursuit, which was fun. With Dan around it turned into a drinking game of course. this morning involved Waffle House, which I haven’t had in months and haven’t wanted. But what can I say.

After Husband took Chris home and I took him and the dogs over to Dudley park, where I start and end my runs, for a walk. Dinner was Husband’s left over Kraft mac’n’cheese from the other day with plenty of broccoli stirred in and some yogurt, flax and cereal for desert. I convinced myself to work in the 30 Day Shred though  my calves are still quite sore from all the jumping. I got woken up at 4:30 by Husband coming to bed Friday morning and opted to skip it. And then decided my time was better spent elsewhere in the afternoon. So instead of 30 days straight I’ll do it where I can and keep to changing levels after 10 workouts.

Leaving out the food pictures, here are pictures from the walk:

It’s supposed to be stormy tomorrow, but hopefully that will get pushed back so I can get a run in the morning. It’s been since Monday! I think my legs really needed the break.

Well my laundry’s folded, my One Tree Hill dvd is done and its bed time! Hopefully tomorrow my computer will be healthy again!


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