Date night!

With this lady that is:


Goodness when I first picked up on healthy living blogs she was EVERYWHERE! I swear! Everyone’s done with their 30 days by now, but I figured I’d give her a shot too. See if my pilates body could hold up. But we’ll talk about that in a bit.

Breakfast was slightly different in that I bought the big containers of vanilla Activia last time I was at the store, so I had 6 oz. of yogurt instead of the usual 4 (food scale makes me happy. Thanks mom!). I think I’ll stick with the 4 oz most of the time but it was a nice treat.


With the ubiquitous flax and Kashi Go Lean Crunch (big box from Wally World!).

More flax for lunch (see, I know my vocabulary) using a Flat Out wrap (since I’m out of any other kind of wrap) with plain hummus and spinach. I’m really not that big a fan of the taste of these wraps, but I got the super healthy ones. They are kinda particle board tasting so work better with more flavorful things like the humbecue or maybe a burrito (haven’t tried that yet). Or even hummus, onion, spinach, and feta might work, but just plain hummus and spinach was a bit dull.


Lets see, the blood orange was eaten when I got off circ desk at 9, the Sun Chips at about 10:30 (they were staring at me, calling my name) and I polished off the last serving of rice snacks with lunch. I very small handful of almonds finished the work day at about 3. Ignore the corkscrew, I use the little knife bit to cut Rose’s glucosamine pills, also almost pictured.

Came home hungry so ate as soon as the husband left for work. Dinner was Annie’s shells and cheddar with 1/2 a bag of Green Giant steamers frozen broccoli


Yum yum yum. Granted it was a whole box… 2.5 servings… and it was more broccoli stems than heads, but the heads were yummy!

I might have also finished off that bag of Tostitos natural corn chips… a bit more than a serving… After feeling slightly guilty about eating a whole box of macaroni.

But that’s why I broke out the 30 Day Shred! It’s so great that its only 20 minutes because that is something I might actually find the motivation to get up and do before work. I’d only have to get up at about 4:50. I’ve done worse for a workout. That’s the only way I’ll get it in tomorrow. The local boys (who are also all of my roommates as of July) are celebrating the end of the semester tomorrow and the original plan was to go to the Terrapin Brewery, but I think that’s kind of been pushed to the side. So it’ll probably be beer, liquer and poker.

But enough of that tangent. How’d I do? Well I have no hand weights so I was using two 28 oz. cans of baked beans. That’s not even two pounds. How weak. Well overall I found it extremely easy, except for the shoulder bits. I can lower from a full pushup all day if needed but the actual pushing up… well I was struggling after even a couple of girly ones. And the anterior raises had me nearly put those cans down. But I’m still sore from Tuesday (which is embarrassing and shows how long it had been since I’d done real pilates and yoga). The ab workout was a breeze! Too bad you can’t see mine better.

So I will follow the trend and do this as often as I can for 30 days, upping the level after the first 10 and 20. I will try to get up and do them before work, unless I slept absolutely horribly the night before in which case I reserve the right to sleep those extra 20 minutes. I have taken my measurements and when the Husband is home tomorrow I will take before pictures for my own records (I can’t for the life of me find the self-timer setting on my camera). Maybe I’ll post them at the end of my challenge but for now I’ll keep them private.

And even though I just exercised I’m still going to try to get to bed early (as in soon) since waking up has been so impossible this week. We’ll see if I make it up for Shred tomorrow morning. My poor shoulders!

Oh and the Hungry Yogini is giving away Lipton teas here!


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