So excited

Well I finally heard back from Disney sports and I’m thinking the half marathon will be a go! I don’t have to pay for parking and any fans don’t have to pay for a park ticket, though they’d have to pay for parking if not riding with me. And last I heard my cousin is totally into it! Granted I haven’t heard from her since and don’t know if she’s talked to her parents about it yet, but hey! Husband was expected to lose the registration fee from our budget but I’m still going to run it past him one last time, make sure I don’t need to wait till payday Friday. [oh my god, I can’t believe its already 9:00]

I ate the Sunchips for the morning snack (managed to hold out till 10) and almonds as an afternoon snack. I got home from work, snacked on some Tostitos and hummus (because we have no crackers) and headed to the gym for both pilates and yoga! I’m really focusing on my form in pilates, so it was tough, but it felt so good to get back in there! I haven’t been to pilates in about 2 months and haven’t had a yoga class since January. Oh how I have missed it. Between classes the pilates teacher showed me how to roll out my IT band on a foam roller. OW! But it really did make an immediate difference. Like a free deep tissue massage! Yummy, I’ll be doing that again and again and again… Yoga was based largely around the Ashtange primary series which is what the Tuesday night class had been since August. The instructor missed me 🙂

I came  home and was totally excited about making a black bean quesadilla all day and came home to be reminded of the other half of my humbecue so I had another wrap… Flat Out wrap, humbecue, lots of shredded sharp cheddar


And about half this bowl of mixed veggies (broccoli, water chestnuts, lima beans, and carrot balls)


I finished New Moon today with no real hope of getting the third one tomorrow, so I’m not sure what I’ll be reading till then. Sad. But I’ll post a review tomorrow, its past my bedtime!


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