Shopping shopping

That’s what I’m doing tomorrow! Unfortunately I don’t have as much left on my gift cards as I thought, so I’m putting of buying new running shoes… I love mine anyway, its just been so long. I plan to look for nice tops first and then if I still have money I’ll get some more tank tops to run in.  And maybe some of those teeny shorts for yoga! We’ll see. Kohl’s is having a sale, I have gift cards but no real money, so we’ll see how much bang I can get for my buck.It is exciting to see that Kohl’s carries decent running shoes though! Even one that is similar to the top ranking one in Consumer Reports.

I remembered to take a picture of breakfast!


Y’all know what that is by now. Kashi, Activia, flax.

Lunch was horrible and tasty and all over the place. There was pasta salad, chips and salsa, knockoff Ritz crackers, snickerdoodle bars, cookies, cake crumbs, Ale81 (pronounce a-late-one), Sunchips, veggies chips… I think that’s all. And snacking all afternoon, of course. Damn office parties will be the death of me.

I go thome and went back out for the run. I actually went without the iPod in the hopes that it would continue sprinkling (because it felt great on my way home) and I thought it might help to focus on my breathing. It didn’t sprinkle.  Once again the first 5 minutes was prefectly fine and I kinda of liked being without the iPod, but oh my goodness, the rest was absolutely hell. I’m so proud of myself though, I pushed through even though I seriously wanted to stop!

Dinner was a frozen Bertolli skillet meal (Mediterranean style chicken, rigatoni, and boccoli) with a glass of wine the husband decided he didn’t feel like.


And now an unpictured handful of grapes.

Well registration for my Half Marathon opened today but I’m taking a few days to think it through and make sure that I’m not going to get tired of running and want to back out. Also I want to find out about parking the day of and whether I’m going to have to pay for that on top of everything else. I’d love to stay in the resort and just take the shuttle, but I’ll be booking a room in a Day’s Inn instead. It would be so much fun, but it is coming right out of winter which is going to be tough on the running, though it really doesn’t get that cold here. I wish someone would do it with me, that would make things easier! I’m trying to talk my cousin into it 🙂 I think I’ll go email Disney and ask about the parking situation. Goodnight!


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