Who will learn to love hills?

Me! I swear I will. At least on easy days 🙂

Breakfast yesterday was… strawberry Activia and Go Lean Crunch? It was too long ago. Today’s looked very similar in the cherry variety.


all mixed together and blurry.

Snacks for yesterday:


Cereal bar in the morning, blood orange in the afternoon.

Lunch was ww pasta from last week with the Publix mushroom sauce and cheese.

Walked home and went right back out for my run. I did the whole half hour today even though I walked home. Walk 10 minutes, next 10: run 1, walk 1, ending with 10 minutes of walking. Only one hill, but it was a big one.

Dinner was a salad:


  • spinach
  • romaine
  • green onions
  • strawberries
  • feta
  • Kraft lite raspberry vinaigrette
  • 1 cent croutons

And Kraft spirals and cheese with broccoli, split in half with the husb.


As previously mentioned, today’s breakfast was remarkably similar to yesterday’s, with the usual cup of strawberry slender, soy milk (so much better than the powdered creamer) and lots of honey. My throat hurts.

Lunch will be a wrap! Toufoyon wraps are on sale at Publix and while they’ve been picked through really well, I snagged some. So today its a pesto garlic wrap with dill hummus, onion, feta, and spinach:


Looking forward to it. Today’s a class day so I brought lots of snacks too:


My last Quaker muffin bar, a pear, banana, the Publix bran ranch rice snacks I got free when I bought the others, and my new aluminum water bottle! $10 at Publix and I got another free reusable shopping bag! I was so psyched. 

Okay, snack time! I think I’ll go with the pear (my favorite)


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