A bowl of petunias!

I absolutely adore The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I hadn’t read the books yet, maybe that will come after Twilight (next week!), but the movie is great. I adore Zooey Deschanel. And Alan Rickman. And John Malkovich. And Mos Def. Roommate owns it and the Hus and I started watching it last night and watch more of it during dinner today.

I ended up only eating the pear out of my snacks because it was Free Cone Day! Woohoo! I decided that I’d indulge the hormones and went with chocolate obsession. Completely forgot that it was FCD this morning, otherwise I might have taken my camera to get a picture. But there is no picture. So sorry. I also had a couple of Halls Fruit Breezers. If requested I can take a picture of the bag, but I don’t know that they really count.

Uck my throat. My nose. The fatigue. I’m torn between hoping this is allergies and hoping its a cold. Allergies I can get meds for but they’re expensive whereas a cold will last a week or so and be gone.

I was bad. I knew I should avoid dairy at dinner because of my congestion, but the chicken florentine just sounded so good.


I forgot to take a picture until the last bite, but you can imagine a whole bowl


Maybe I’ll make strawberry banana oatmeal tomorrow  to avoid the usual yogurt. That’s such a depressing thought. I love my yogurt. I don’t love oatmeal. I’m hoping to change that though with stuff mixed in.

And now I think I’ll go find sleep to get away from this yuckiness. Mmmm benadryl.


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