Yay presents

I made the executive decision yesterday after taking the dogs out that it would be a rest day. My legs were tired and the 4th day of the week are the challenge days on this run/walk schedule. Luckily the weeks go Monday-Sunday, so I still had a chance to complete the workouts on time. I can’t believe I’m only two weeks in.

Breakfast was Go Lean Crunch in cherry yogurt:


I got some homework reading done before the Husband and I went to run errands. We grabbed lunch at Chickfila with our monthly coupon. I got a grilled chicken sandwich (meh, added ketchup) and a fruit cup (because of the coupon) and we got fries that we didn’t ask for. I ate one before started in on the fruit cup, which the Husband seemed to take to mean that I didn’t want anymore because they were gone. Probably not a bad thing. Definitely meant to take the camera and forgot. Afterward we hit up Borders and Kroger. Yay food. Still need to go to Publix.

Snack was H2H in vanilla soymilk with some strawberries:


And a blood orange:


I also had a cup of tea before hitting the road for Atlanta. We swung by Lenox Square to (finally!) exchange the food scale that I got for Christmas (I blame the boys for it not working) and then headed to the Wing Factory for my brother’s birthday dinner! The restaurant was too dark for non-flash pictures, so I didn’t take any. But I got the Popeye sandwich which was two fish sticks with lettuce on a poppyseed bun. I got coleslaw as my side and added a bit to the sandwich. Had a Blue Moon with an orange slice and a glass of water to drink and munched on some fries too.

Dessert at the house were petit-fours:


I had two. And a lemoncello.

This morning I slept in and managed to convince myself to do that last run of the week. I was so not looking forward to it. Three strawberries so as not to run on an empty stomach:


Walked for 8 minutes and then for the next 15 had to run for 2 and walk for 1, followed by 2 minute walking cool down. It was tough but not impossible. I kept my stride a little longer whenever I could and had 3 lovely hills to work on. Came home to stretch with Chaz and his yoga for runners. And sipped a little G2.

For breakfast I had 1/4 egg whites with cheese and onion:


followed by vanilla Activie, ground flax, and Kashi H2H:


Yay working food scale! I’m so excited. I got the first one to work once and then it stopped. Like I said, I blame the boys.

Now I’m ready for a nap, I’ll drink the tea I made and then lie down for 20 minutes while the caffeine kicks in.


In our pretty teapot. Served with a splash of soy milk and genereous drizzle of honey.

I’m ready for lunch!


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