A two glass night.

I wasn’t planning on having two glasses of wine, but I’m unhappy (pms) and its better than eating more.

I had a snack of 6 or 7 baby carrots with roasted garlic hummus


And dinner was whole wheat pasta with Publix brand mushroom sauce, Kroger brand Italian mix cheese, and the rest of the sausage I started on at lunch:


Here’s the sausage by the way:


And the cupcake was an excellent reward! Just what the doctor ordered. The cake part would have been better yesterday, but it was so worth it to save it to get me through the paper. Mmmmm, chocolate frosting… I was good and gave the other to the Husband, I definitely would have eaten it if not!

To go back to a couple of weeks ago, of course as soon as I publicly say “I feel thin” I jinx it. I haven’t since… but I’m exercising and it just takes time, right? Granted I didn’t make it to Centergy once this week so no strength work happened, but I went three times last week. Alas. It takes at least 6 weeks, right? And I’m two weeks in. And we’ll cut the pity party there.

Back to the soap that is One Tree Hill!


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