You’re gonna be a shining star…

This afternoon was gorgeous. I drew out my walk home, but I’m so bad at walking slow! I had to keep remind myself to slow down. I grabbed some flowers on my way.


And made Rose model them. I snagged Gypsy first, but she was curled up behind a sleeping Husband’s knees so there’s more than just a doggy behind in the picture.

Lets see… My morning snack was a Quaker blueberry and oats muffin bar, lunch the pasta I cooked last night with the same sauce but no cheese, and afternoon snack #1 was a blood orange.

I’ve been craving bread all day. A roll, a biscuit, cake, pizza… And of course we have none of the above in the apartment (thanks to the previously mentioned mold problem) so I for afternoon snack #2 had some chips and salsa:


1/4 cup of salsa (I liked it better this time than on the burrito) and however many chips it took to eat it. Plus the rest of the bag. So tasty and very nearly cured the craving, but its still lingering slightly.

I finished my reading of Freud, started some laundry, then hit the pavement. Today’s was walk 10 minutes (since it’d been a few hours since my walk home), run 2 walk 2 for 12 minutes, walk 3 minutes. The actual walking beforehand (and not keeping close the apartment to drop the dogs back off) means I got to tackle that ugly hill I have to walk up on my way home. My ankle has been hurting me, but I think I’ve figured it out… I have to run on the street so much (and suddenly walking to and from work again) that I think its from the angling of the asphault for drainage. So I’ve been walking and running on the other side of the street. We’ll see after another few days if it works. So far it seems to be.

I went back to my YogAmazing yoga for runners podcast with Chaz to stretch. I could definitely tell a difference after not using it yesterday. Chaz focuses on the hips instead of Polly’s focus on hamstrings. The fronts of my hips were tight! I adore hip stretches. It’s so hard to relax into them, but feels so good.

I wasn’t hungry when I got home. I had been planning on just having some GoLean in yogurt for dinner before I decided to exercise. After sitting back down to homework I remembered that you’re supposed to have some form of protein and carbs within half an hour of exercise, so I had peas! It always surprises me how much protein they have. I haven’t had peas for dinner in awhile and I went back to the classic preparation of a bit of butter (or margerine) and a dash (or three) of salt


Yum yum, veggie-rific.

And now I’m settling back down to homework with my sweet nightcap:


The last of this bottle of Kasteel rouge. Wine glass not necessary, it was just in my way when putting away clean dishes. A co-worker in the next office over who saw me at the bottle shop last weekend with the Kasteel recommended a lambic by the same company that he says is even better (though lower in alcohol but also cheaper). Will be checking that out next time!

Time to finish reading about Georg von Schonerer and then relaxing in a bath!


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