Well I was sulky all day about the ruining of a (potentially) perfect night’s rest, so I blew money and calories at snack lounge around the corner from my office. I snarfed a bag of Honey Nut Cheerios snack mix (I had ’em on the brain and have been curious about this for months). It was okay. I’d prefer to go without the pretzels as everything else in the mix is sweet (though I expected it to be sweeter). I grabbed a Nos (again) to drink throughout the day (it helped me survive). Lunch was the hummus-feta-spinach-onion pita sandwich thing again and then I broke into the bag of baked Lays that I bought with the remaining plain hummus I had sitting in the office fridge from yesterday’s snack. I totally wasn’t hungry for an afternoon snack, but oh well.

I hit the pavement this afternoon for an unimpressive 10 minute run one walk one deal. Seems like a regression, but I guess they have us walking more afterward, getting used to more time moving? Who knows. I did it, I feel like I could have done more. It was pretty. Whatevs.

Monday night while stopping by Publix to buy bread for the pasta dinner with the roommate and girlfriend I grabbed some more salsa and found that it also comes in peach flavor!!!


Considering my love for peach schnappes and all things involving it I was so excited to try this, just to find that I actually liked the mango better! It was sweeter, go figure. Well I did the usual burrito for dinner tonight instead of going out with the Husband since I had that corn and bean mix to eat before it goes bad


Plus eating the rest of the beans and corn. Now maybe its bed time


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