Now I’m shining too

I hate it when my computer acts retarded. I know it must be terribly hard to let me start typing a post as you open my photo-viewing app.

Anyway, I did get up at 7:30. Vanilla puffed grains:


Chocolate coffee:


It worked better today, but that’s probably because I put a ton more stuff in it than Bender does and kept it stirred.



I took her on a 20-30 miute walk this morning (with the coffee) which I think she enjoyed since I leave her behind so often while I take Gypsy somewhere. Slower than I’d walk for exercise, but it got the blood flowing.

Now I’m having some cranberry-apple juice (Kroger brand, yum sugar) and I’m trying to convince myself to settle down to homework instead of climbing back into bed. If I really get myself on a role with the homework, I may use it as an excuse to skip Centergy, goodness knows I have enough homework to justify staying home. I hate to say it, but two weeks in I’m already tired of Centergy. The choreography and music don’t change so its the same every time. We’ll see.


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