Early morning…

Today was back to basics with breakfast


Yet another try at Bender’s cocoa coffee (she must use some magic secret kind of hot chocolate mix) and back to my ground flax seeds + Dannon Activia (strawberry today) + Kashi 7 grain puffs. Yummy and nutritious. 

I brought one of those Quaker Muffin Bars for my morning snack because I don’t want to run out of the cereal bars ttoo quickly. And on the here I realized that the muffin bars have more fiber in them anyway, so should fill me up better after my walk to work (or two hours later, as the case may be)

The bread is stale and I didn’t feel like making another wrap or pita (plus I gotta save the wraps for more scrumptuous burritos), so I finally got around to finding someone to eat that leftover pasta from Monday night… me! That plus whatever marinara we had in the fridge will be lunch. I’m sure it was a mushroom sauce, I just can’t remember what brand. Here we go, nice and cold right out of the fridge:


Not overly appealing, but it will be tasty. Only cheese in the house is some cheap-o cheddar, so I’m going without today.

Barney Butter give away over at meloncauliflower. I hope I win! I want to try some (for free :D)

Alright, back to the daily grind…


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