One Tree Hill!

It’s Thursday night, so no more class for the week, so my goal for the night is to get last weekend’s laundry folded. So I’m watching One Tree Hill. I got caught up talking to my dad and emailed my Grandmother and my cousin… And now this! But I will fold and finish the dishes… I just won’t get homework done again.

I had a Quaker strawberry cereal bar as my morning snack. Breakfast managed to keep me full, but I didn’t get to finish my morning coffee. I had some at the office with half and half and a pack of sugar in the raw and though I wasn’t hungry I just had to get the coffee taste out of my mouth! I do not like coffee! But tea isn’t as caffeinated and energy drinks are expensive/terrible for you. So coffee it is until I learn to sleep through the night again.

Another hummus/spinach/etc pita for lunch (no picture) with Chex Mix. A Quaker Oatmeal-to-go (oatmeal raisin) for afternoon snack.

Walked to/from work (yay me!). The walk home was necessary (the bus only gets me halfway here anyway) since the Husband is working and I get out of class after he goes in, but the walk to work was voluntary! I’ll probably do it tomorrow too. Now that the weather is getting nicer I mean to walk more. I also did my walk/run from my six week plan. Gypsy could not keep up! She was dragging by the third interval. So insanely frustrating. I was really hoping this would be gentle enough for her to up her endurance so she could keep up with me. Oh well. I’ve been taking Rose with us on the 10 minutes walking warmup and she’s been moving really slow too. Hubby things her hips are bothering her since she’s been having trouble going down the stairs from the apartment. Guess another vet visit might be in order.

I don’t feel like I got much of a workout, but I am trying to take longer strides. I feel like my stride is really narrow when I run and that I move really slow, so I’m using these easy workouts to lengthen that and work on the uphills, if Gypsy will keep up.

Dinner was my first Annie’s pasta! My little brother used to eat it (probably still does) all the time. I just did the basic cheddar and shells, and tossed in some broccoli for the last minute of cooking. So yummy!

I originally only dished up half the box… but then I didn’t feel completely satisfied. And then I kinda spilled dishwater on myself. So I ate the whole box for dinner. Oh well. Better than Kraft, right?

I’ve also had about half a G2 to refuel after the little exercise I did. Hey, its hot outside!

And now, even though its bed time, I will fold at least one hamper of clothes!


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