Go Chippy!

Good to know he’s still got it. (Yay baseball season)

Alright, you get a full day in one post.

For breakfast I gave that second serving of Greek yogurt a second chance. Tossed in the usual ground flax seeds, half an apple, the usual cereal, cinnamon, and a ton more honey. Still thicker than I’m used to, but quite tasty! And very filling 🙂 Always a good thing:


I kinda stirred in most of the apple before adding everything else, so I added a few more pieces for the pictures.

I also made some coffee based on Eating Bender’s inspiration. I didn’t measure things out or stir it before each sip, so it wasn’t very successful, but I’ll try again!

Morning snack was the other half of the apple. Told you breakfast kept me full!

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday in pita form:


Forgot to take a picture on the plate. I’m not very good with pitas, they always split, but they still taste good! I also had about 1/3 of a snack bag of Chex Mix too.

Afternoon snack consisted of a Quaker cereal bar, it was soooo yummy! Much better than the Kashi (not that the Kashis were bad), but I loved the strawberry filling. It probably has more sugar though. I also had a Folger’s coffee bag, a French vanilla creamer (borrowed from Chikfila), and a packet of raw sugar.


Soon after this was followed by the rest of the Chex Mix.

Alex and I ran to Publix because this week if you buy name brand tortilla chips, salsa, and rice cakes you get the Publix versions free. Well that’s a no brainer! And all organic.

We came home to a round of shots, mine being peach schnappes and triple sec. Unpictured but quite tasty!

Jason cooked up some chicken (in Mrs. Dash’s southwest chipotle seasoning at my suggestion, inspired by The Hungry Yogini) and he made some boxed potatos while the roommate made some Pastaroni. I made myself a salad:


  • spinach
  • 1/2 a very ripe avocado
  • a couple of spoonfulls of corn
  • a couple of spoonfulls of black beans
  • a few small pieces of chicken
  • Newman’s Own all natural mango salsa

Yum!!!! Loving the salsa. I realized after I made it that it would have made an excellent wrap as well. Good thing I have leftovers! I also had the BL lime sitting behind it and the handful of remaining chip crumbs from a week or two ago.

Also had a taste of the potatoes (had maybe half of this):


I ended up not running this evening because a) I’m tired b) Alex and Dan are here and c) I walked home from campus. Only a mile, but I hiked my booty off up that hill. Tomorrow I swear! Won’t get any homework done tonight either. Alas Alack.

Hubby and I ate on the floor so Dan and Alex could have the couch, so I had a rather insistant friend:


Can’t you tell that I’m tired? It’s bed time!


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