More sleep please

I don’t think I should feel this crappy… I don’t think I got much less than 7 hours of sleep… I’ll blame it on not going to bed until 2:30 Saturday night. 

I got a treat when I dropped by Publix (again) on Saturday and tried some for breakfast today: 


I read about Greek yogurt from so many other people that I thought I’d give it a try. Somehow I think I’ll stick to using it as a sour cream subsitute. Even a drizzle of honey toward the end couldn’t help me finish it. It didn’t seem to have any sort of flavoring. But at least now I know and won’t keep wondering.

The morning snack has been an apple (matching the disappearing one from Saturday) and half of a Quaker Oatmeal to Go (oatmeal raisin flavor) (no picture). Unlike Quaker’s muffin bars I don’t notice any difference when these are heated up, so I’ll be lazy.

I’ll be having a hummus/feta/spinach wrap for lunch! I took pictures of the unrolled wrap but didn’t get a chance to take them off my camera before work so you’ll have to wait until later to see.

Time to get back to last night’s interrupted Sparknoting!


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