Cruel Intentions!

Saturday recap… After my last post I went out for a run, which was rather disappointing. I guess if I hit the hills here in town, I need to back away on my six week training schedule. Athens is definitely the place to be if you want to do your hill work.

I made the mistake of leaving this apple on the coffee table while I went:


It was gone by the time I got home… I blame the blue.

So to tied me over I ate some leftover black beans with some Mrs Dash chipotle seasoning and ketchup toseed in


Not bad and it got the job done.

We met up with Dan, Alex, and and her roommate and boyfriend for a round of disc golf and we hit up Taco Stand for a late lunch afterward. Another black bean burrito (hmm, didn’t think about how repetitive that was) with chips, salsa, and a few bites of Alex’s queso (unphotographed).


We got to meet my parents and their friends for a bit before the concert. I wish I could get over to Atlanta more, I miss seeing them all. While there I had three pieces of asparagus wrapped in proschutto (picture on the Husband’s phone and currently inaccessible), spinach linguine (yum), salad, and a very tasty 9 grain bread. Plus a rum and coke and a glass of wine. I definitely wish we could have stayed longer.

At the show there was more alcohol but no more food. Definitely fun, I love that girl.

A quick overview of today is… breakfast as usual (minus flax seeds), the other half of the sweet potato (with too much butter and sugar), and a repeat of yesterday’s lunch minus the chips and salsa but in a spinach wrap instead of white (yay!). And a Mr. Pibb, or whatever they’re calling it these days.

Now at the SLC with the Husband, finally starting that paper (at 3:00, yikes!) that I have no idea how to write and soon to enjoy a soy white mocha (first coffee of the day). Wish me luck!


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