To do list fun

Well I feel somewhat crappy, but having a to do list gives me some direction. I didn’t give myself any school work to do today (for some reason) and I might actually take advantage of that to grocery shop early and then go to bed early. I’m so excited they’re offering Centergy on Fridays! I’ve been frustrated for awhile that I didn’t have any good Friday gym class to go to. The roommate invited me to his girlfriend’s to watch a movie with them (and her roommate and her boyfriend) but I so don’t do well on little sleep. Thankfully the soon-to-be roommate (as of July) didn’t come out last night. I really wasn’t looking forward to that, no offense to him. 

So I had breakfast as usual with a shot in the dark.

[Oooh, I like this song! Flobot – “Handlebars.” I use Finetune for my listening pleasure at work. I just wish I could get easily get their “stations” to take with me to listen to on the go.]

Morning snack was an apple and a Quaker muffin bar. The first time I ate one of the muffin bars I ate it at room temperature and was disappointed in how dense and unmuffin-like it was and but today I took their advice and microwaved it for 10 seconds and it was so much better! Much more muffin like. 


The Captain’s Wafers are to eat this afternoon at about 3 to get me through Centergy.

Time to get back to work!


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