So after eating Smucker’s Natural peanut butter for (most of) a week, I’m still not in love. It still strikes me as really salty, as though all the little peanut pieces are actually salt pieces. I think maybe I’ve become overly sensitive somehow.


And not to mention the peanut bits in a supposedly “creamy” peanut butter. Might as well just by chunky. 

A co-worker said that EarthFare (which I don’t get to shop at nearly enough) has pretty cheap natural PB. I’ll probably try them out after this jar. No salt added would be awesome since Smucker’s adds salt to theirs. 

I’m still hungry 😦 I’m not surprised, its happened all week, which is why I gave in and ate my muffin bar with my apple this morning instead of trying to hold out for lunch. I just haven’t felt satisfied at all this week (except for after eating the whole package of corn after dinner Wednesday night). I feel thinner, so maybe my metabolism has just picked up. Have I really been doing this running thing for over 6 weeks? I’m actually a little apprehensive about losing weight. Not sure how bony and angular my tall hips will look after my love handles are (hopefully) gone. Maybe that’s what side work in pilates is for! We’ll see.

We all know how behind in blog reading I am, but I thought I’d throw out there that Meghann is doing a give away for Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods breakfast cookies! It closes tonight at midnight, though. Again, sorry for the late notice!


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