New foods!

I know I’m stressed when I find myself grinding my teeth pretty often. As far as I know I don’t do it at night. I hope I don’t anyway. I have a co-worker who just found out she has TMJ and she’s been eating soft foods for the past week.

I came home to a shot of Kahlua and Triple Sec… Not horrible, but not something I’d seek out again either. I then compared waist measurements with my bff (started out as a slightly sarcastic naming) Alex (we’re the same!) and explained to her boyfriend/my roommate the concept of an hourglass figure (with which we are both endowed).

Centergy was great this afternoon! I pushed myself in the warriors, lunges, and all of the ab work. There were some new folks in the back of class, where I ended up because I was running really late. They must have been family or something because they were rather verbal and man… someone needs to wash themselves better. That’s just a little distracting. But otherwise I felt great and I’ve been getting a lot better about relaxing into savasana (minus the props in this picture).

While at work I looked up the weekly ads for Publix and Kroger and decided to make a trip to both right after the gym (luckily the ones closest to the apartment share a parking lot). Here’s the loot:


  • spinach
  • a ton of Bertolli meals for Jason and I
  • 3 sweet potatos
  • baby carrots


  • frozen shrimp
  • whole wheat wraps
  • Chex Mix
  • some Annie’s pasta
  • whole wheat pitas
  • 4 avocados
  • hummus
  • low fat feta

So of course I have to test out everything. My spinach, hummus, feta wrap put together into a pita:


I opted to skip the onion, it seemed like too much work, plus some of the hummus I got has onion in it.

Then I had half a bag of this:


Plus this:


(evoo, onion powder, and Mrs Dash tomato, basil and garlic)

And maybe a glass of merlot too (for the heart, of course)

I wasn’t quite satisfied yet, so I microwaved a sweet potato, added some blue bonnet, and a few dashes of brown sugar to half and stuck the other half in the fridge.


Tasty! Easy! Cheap! It kept me from eating some of those cookies and I love me some antioxidants.

(I drank about 1/3 of a G2 after the grocery store, while taking the dogs and trash out too)

I also finished a dvd of One Tree Hill (to be mailed back tomorrow), reorganized the cabinet we use as a pantry (so it closes now), and did the dishes. again.

And as much as I love The Incredibles, I’m now in my post-workout crash. Goodnight!


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