Hungry hungry

I am so busy and getting more overwhelmed every few hours. I’m just lost all of Saturday day to hanging out with the roommae and his girlfriend. And now tonight the next roommate and his girlfriend are coming out and not only am I playing hostess and losing homework time, but I’ll be up late because the gang has to get together to go get a drink. Stupid work means I’m either miserable all the time or get no social life. I’m not even given the chance to be a night owl. I need to clean up and do the dishes, but I don’t have time.


On to the food. Breakfast per usual, with a shot in the dark to take to work.

I opted for the usual pb&j today instead of the rest of the Kashi pilaf, not realizing it’s peanut butter and jelly day! I had a banana at 9 and my last Kashi bar at about 10:45. Lunch is already mentioned, then some of the Husband’s crackers with cream cheese and chive middles at about 3. Tasty! Coffee at 4 and still came home starving.

Dinner is leftover pilaf and black beans with some salsa and cheese tossed in. And maybe some tortilla chips on the side. Since its been such a long and stressful day I poppsed open that BL I grabbed last night and ended up putting back.


Okay, time to read for Tuesday and then outline the last paper that was due. I was going to go to bed after that since I was woken up and kept awake for hours and hours and hours last night (the original plan was to come home, eat and sleep but my social calendar just keeps growing). Oh the stress. Must put chips away.


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