What do I have stuck in my head this time?

After another unsuccessful attempt at a luchtime nap I broke down and bought snacks. I had my banana at 9 (as usual) and my pb&j just before noon (to maximize naptime) but I’m still not satisfied so I went around the corner and bought a 4 serving bag of ChexMix (which will probably be gone by class time) and wasted money on another grape Nos. I just can’t face the thought of more coffee.  I still haven’t learned to like it. And somehow the thought of junk food seems easier on my stomach than coffee. I plan on trying to sneak in another nap between work and class (though I have no idea where).

Sorry about no pictures! I’m not in the carry-a-camera-around-with-me-everywhere-in-case-I-eat-something-extra mindset yet and I can’t get pictures off of my phone.


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