Long slow day

Well so much for sleeping better. So we put our espresso/coffee maker to good use and both had shots in the dark this morning:


(Not that I should ever be awake at 2:00 in the morning). Dinner definitely didn’t leave me satisfied and as I was lying awake at 2 I kept thinking about how hungry I was. Breakfast was the usual and I’m already hungry. I think I should have brought a second cereal bar:


I don’t really like the almonds in my desk and would prefer not to resort to them, though they do need to be eaten at some point. 

*yawn* I feel like I’m moving really slowly today which doesn’t bode well for how quickly the day will pass.

Edit: I forgot to include one of these in my list of things consumed yesterday:


courtesy of the Husband (photo from energydrinkguru.com). There’s a good chance I’ll need to indulge again but I’ll do my best to hold out for the lunchtime office pot of coffee.


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