Is it bed time yet?

Well breakfast was the usual (no picture). I love it, but it’s also nothing to get excited about.

This is what I took with me to work:


I ate the banana at about 9:00 and the pb&j at noon, while the cereal bar is still sitting in the bag. It’s nice to have just in case.

I did have an unpictured snack at about 3:00 consisting of 10 natural almonds followed by a generous handful of dried cranberries, both of which I keep in my desk at work in case I get desperate.

I came home from work and had a 20 minute lie down, followed by a cup of coffee and this snack:


Cheesy toast! A combination of the 6 Italian cheeses and the natural cheddar on WW bread.

Tonight (and this morning, but I was at work) was the Group Centergy launch and I borrowed a flyer to scan to give y’all details. It was so awesome! Definitely lots of yoga and pilates but to really upbeat music. I again felt really strong in my chatarangas, but man, I haven’t worked my abs that hard since I went to a pilates class with only two other girls and got major personal attention. Youch! Good to be sore tomorrow! And they’re offering the class most nights of the week, yay for a class to attend on Fridays! I skipped my usual pre-group fitness class run (figuring I didn’t have the time, though I did lie down for awhile anyway).

Dinner was off of our Chik-fil-a calendar, our March coupon:


I only ate two of the chicken strips and the Husband helped a little with the diet lemonade. I then had a spinach salad with the other packet of Polynesian sauce. Quite tasty, but something has left me feeling a little off. A good reason to head to bed! Let’s hope I sleep better tonight!


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