Nothing of substance

That’s what got done today. I did finish the Simmel article and I’m almost half-way done with my reading for Tuesday, though all I’ve really learned from it is that I hate Matthew Arnold. Very productive.

I had a snack at about 11 consisting of half of the last cinnamon roll from Friday:


There was nothing of interest for lunch so I broke into my new peanut butter:


to recreate this:


It was pretty tasty! Kinda salty and the stirring is kind of a pain, but I think since you refrigerate it after the first use its a once-per-jar kinda deal.

Snack consisted of tea and a 100-calorie pack of popcorn



(The actual teapot is being used for Jason’s tea, mine is finer than they sieve that came with the pot so it gets the mesh sieve in the cup)

For dinner we took the bike downtown and had Taco Stand! I had a basic black bean burrito, which means it was black beans, cheese, and sauce. I looked for alternative healthy tortillas but didn’t see any on the menu. I was a bit rushed out the door and forgot my camera, so no picture.

We took an impromptu trip down to Walmart to buy more of my probiotic and some espresso beans and then each had two shots of espresso when we got home.

And now I still have forty pages of homework to do but our roommate Dan and his girlfriend/my bff Alex is here so I’m not sure it’ll happen. Two hours and counting till bed!


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