Mmmm, Saturday

Well I did manage to get to the gym earlier than usual, but not with quite enough time to do the interval work I wanted. Maybe because I didn’t actually look closely enough at the workout to see that it is 40 minutes instead of 30. I actually cheated a bit and only did one minute of the last two intervals and only walked eight of the last ten minutes.

Afterward it was off to yoga-lates for both a stretch and some strength work. I’m so proud of myself for being able to lower myself through chaturanga in full plank. I felt really strong in class and also really pushed myself in the standing poses (mostly warriors). It was tough, but Kelly saw me coming and included my favorite pose – pigeon! (picture that, but lying over the front leg) I doubt she did it just for me, but I’ve certainly asked for hip stretches enough…

I then headed to Wendy’s for my usual Saturday post-gym treat:


Chili! with about half the diet coke behind it and all five packs of saltines. Yum yum. I do adore their chili.

After a grocery run I crashed on the couch for about twenty minutes (about an hour and half to two hours after exercise I’m ready for bed, it never fails) and then tried a new snack while settling down to homework:


I used up the last of my Simply Jiff in the process which means I get to open my first jar of natural peanut butter for my lunches this week! I’m both excited and a little apprehensive since I’ll be stirring it with a knife… messy. I need one of those oh so nifty peanut butter stirrers! Well, we’ll see how I like the taste first.

So I’ve finished the Dostoevsky and am thinking I’ll finish eating dinner:


(Heineken’s not my favorite, but we’re getting down to some slim-pickin’s in the beer department and I feel like indulging)

I’ll finish dinner, finish folding clothes to an episode of One Tree Hill, put some sheets back on the bed and call it an early night (extremely early by normal standards, but probably only an hour or so early by mine). The idea is that even if I sleep a lot (which I’m sure I will) I’ll still get up with plenty of time to spend on homework.


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