You spin my head right round, right round…

Well this morning it was listening to the radio on the way to work that did me in. Another good song though!

I had a particularly ‘with it’ morning and yet was a little off at the same time (I have no idea how to turn pictures in posts, it was right side up on my computer)


Yup, I put the coffee pot in the spot I grabbed this morning’s mug from and then looked around to figure out what it was that didn’t feel quite right. I did think to turn the oven on before showering and timed breakfast perfectly. Thinking of breakfast…

While at the store yesterday Jason suggested we grab something for breakfast this morning:


And yes, I had two:


I brought the usual pb&j for lunch with a red delishious apple for snack and this:


which I am rather excited about. Who doesn’t like muffins? Hmmm, thinking of which, now that I have muffin tins again I should really put them to more use into.

Time to go look through The Flexitarian Table (which I’ve had checked out for six months and barely glanced at, I’m out of renewals) and decide whether to check it out again or return it!


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