“Woohoo, money!”

Alright, now that I’m back home, here’s what I took with me today:


Tuesdays and Thursdays are my long days with work from 7-4 and then class from 5-6:15 so I take lots of snacks and coffee leftover from the beach to help see me through.

For some reason I’ve been craving shrimp this afternoon, so the Husband picked me up and we went to the store followed by a quick run for me and Gypsy. We did a total of 20 minutes, alternating running three minutes, walking one minute. Easy peasy, but Gypsy dragged me down as always. And now she is:


(mid yawn)

I treat myself after runs with about 1/3 of a G2 (after which I want water anyway) and a 20 minute YOGAmazing podcast for runners. I love this podcast. It’s short and so sweet. And free! I never feel sore afterward its just a perfect stretch.

Winging dinner, we did this:


Just thawed the shrimp and sauteed them in a bit of garlic and olive oil.



+ this:


Make for a happy tummy. I might have thrown on some cheese too. I admit, there were no vegetables, and I should have maybe tried tossing some spinach in to sautee with the garlic, but I forgot and I was too full by the end of dinner to want a salad.

Husband threw together a cream sauce to go on his which was divine. Heaving whipping cream, margarine, basil, I think he said cloves, and “too much” cheese (Publix’s mix of four shredded Italian cheeses). I think there were more spices, but I wasn’t paying attention. I also wasn’t paying attention when I tasted it because he had already said it wasn’t as good as he’d hoped. I didn’t pick up on the individual spices, but I really liked how it brought out the flavor of the cheese. I was very proud of myself for avoiding the temptation of taking the rest of it! To be seen here:


Burn After Reading wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped. It was really rather boring, in fact. But I do love John Malkovich. Every time they cut to a shot of Julie I pictured Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all grown up. And George Clooney just reminded me of his character in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

But it’s been a long day and is now time for bed. Here’s a shot of Gypsy hiding while we cooked dinner:img_0426

She’s afraid of the kitchen fan, but we weren’t even using it!


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