Lunch time!

Usually one of the better parts of my day but alas, the rain is confining me to the office.

Let’s see, I usually eat a snack at about 9 every morning (trying to maintain eating every three hours) but my apple (borrowed from the Hubby since I neglected to buy enough plums to see me through the week) just didn’t satisfy me! Luckily I’ve learned to stash an extra breakfast/granola type bar in my bag for just such an emergency and I ate a Kashi strawberry cereal bar at about 10.


Still wasn’t satisfying enough! But I’ve managed to hold out till my pb&j, which I’m munching as I type (and I’ll add pictures later). I may go ahead and eat the pistachios I brought in a bit.

And now on to a multivitamin and homework, woohoo!


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